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These Various Fruits to Raise Platelets

When platelet counts are low, eating various fruits to increase platelets can be a step that helps to overcome them. Some types of vitamins and minerals contained in certain fruits are believed to be able to increase the number of platelets. Decreased platelet levels in the blood can be caused by dengue fever. In addition, this condition can also be caused by consumption of certain drugs, diseases that attack the immune system, hemolytic urematic syndrome, enlarged spleen, sepsis, and blood cancer. Fruit Choices for Increasing Platelets To help increase platelet levels in the blood, it is necessary to know in advance the cause of the decreased platelets. For example, if a decrease in platelets is caused by the consumption of certain drugs, the doctor will stop or replace the drug that is suspected to be the cause. Meanwhile, if the cause is a disease, the doctor will provide treatment for the disease. In addition, eating fruit can be an option to increase platelet count. Some of
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Recognize the Causes of Eye Cancer Based on the Type

Eye cancer can occur to anyone and at any age range. Although it rarely happens, you should identify the causes and risk factors for eye cancer based on the type, so you can take precautions early. One division of types of eye cancer is according to the place where the growth of cancer cells or malignant cells. Eye cancer originating from the eye is called primary eye cancer. Meanwhile, eye cancer originating from other organs is called secondary eye cancer. In addition to being differentiated according to the place where the body began to be malignant, eye cancer is also divided into several types based on the type of cells that turn malignant. The causes and risk factors for each type of eye cancer are different. Various Causes of Eye Cancer by Type The following are some types of eye cancer and their causes and risk factors: Intraocular melanoma Intraocular melanoma is a type of eye cancer that often occurs in adults. This cancer is called uveal melanoma if it occurs in the

Prepare your child before undergoing hospitalization

Hospitalization is a treatment method that requires the patient to stay for some time in the hospital. In contrast to adults, generally pediatric patients may need more preparation when they are hospitalized, including mental preparation. Patients undergoing hospitalization based on a referral from a doctor, emergency department, or caused by a postoperative condition. As a parent, it is advisable to provide understanding even though the inpatient room looks unfamiliar or frightening, but he does not need to worry, because inpatient aims to help him regain health. Preparations for Children Before Inpatient For children, the possibility of hospitalization can be a scary thing. Convince the child to entrust the care carried out by medical personnel at the hospital during hospitalization. Here are some guidelines to prepare your child for a comfortable inpatient treatment: Provide all needs It is important to provide all the things that a child needs while hospitalizing. Ther